[Cryptography] VW/EPA tests as crypto protocols ?

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> > > The VW wrongware is

> They did do something different.  Standard government testing has testing
> stations plug into the OBD conntector to figrue out what the engine is
> doing:
> http://www.bar.ca.gov/Consumer/New_Smog_Check_Test.html
> The researches didn't plug in, but in

> http://www.check-smog.com/check-smog/post/2013/11/05/3-Types-of-California-Smog-Tests.aspx
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One part a local mechanic told me is the California testing and compliance
depends on state acceptance testing and after that depends on the OBD to
the engine as per acceptance testing and onboard sensors.
If sensors fail then the auto fails.  See "check engine light" and
uncleared engine faults.
The logic was apparently sensors in the vehicle are statistically a better
way to manage emissions than a once in two years tail pipe dyno test.
These auto testers were the source of a lot of fraud and regulators moved
and more process out of the hands of local mechanics.   Tail pipe emissions
can be manipulated... to pass or fail a vehicle... easy if no one is

In Calif then the issue is acceptance testing.
In other states their testing and compliance rules apply.

This VW thing will have legs...
It will cause regulators problems and other makers will be digging in and
looking hard in their own risk set.
Others,  will be celebrating.   Instrument suppliers first...

It will cause the US EPA to rethink their regulatory goals.
Cutting X% of previous emissions may prove impossible
because the previous computed emissions are all wrong.

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