[Cryptography] Nervous Nellies want to gut the First Amendment

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> Henry Baker wrote on 12/27/2015 10:51 AM:
> > FYI -- [I realize that this article isn't about encryption, per se,
> > but you know that encryption is the next shoe to drop.]
> Posner seems determined to make ISIS fans use TOR.
> > His law would make it illegal to go onto websites that glorify the
> > Islamic State or support recruitment of new followers, or to
> > distribute links to such sites.  ... prison ...
> In this case Posner aims to regulate not speech, but thought itself.

 Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

It is unclear what Posner and others expect.   I fear that technology
has moved fast enough and far enough that it is for too many simply
magic.  Once magic has been accepted as possible magical thinking
has no bounds.

A couple percent of the world suffers magical thinking and many of these
individuals are smart as as heck by many measures except for their ability
to sort out reality.  These delusional people in the extreme are easy to
identify but some are well employed by the entertainment industry
to take us on a journey of sight and sound.....

I think our schools need to teach reading and writing in three contexts.
Fiction, Fact, Blended (history).
Learning to read and make critical educated opinions on veracity of content
seems lacking by many.  While difficult too many fail to try to fact check
(wait I have to check that assertion).

Schools need to teach reading and writing of both fact and fiction
in ways that the student can learn to tell the difference.  Sadly history
was presented as fact by too many of my teachers.  Yet history is commonly
written by the winner and alternate accounts vanish.

Blended content that mixes fact and fiction is the difficult middle ground
of historians, prosecutors and other storytellers.

Yes the great plains have no trees, is it clear that Paul Bunyan cut them
all down?
Superman is not real and no person can fly like he can but yes there are
bad guys.

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