[Cryptography] Nervous Nellies want to gut the First Amendment

Tom Mitchell mitch at niftyegg.com
Mon Dec 28 20:45:02 EST 2015

On Sun, Dec 27, 2015 at 7:51 AM, Henry Baker <hbaker1 at pipeline.com> wrote:

> FYI -- [I realize that this article isn't about encryption, per se, but
> you know that encryption is the next shoe to drop.]
> Some of the lawyers.... want ....

> The existing standard is often illustrated by the classic example of
> shouting "Fire!" in a crowded theater when there is no hazard.

This one is interesting because there are cases where shouting "Fire" is
the correct
and necessary thing to do.

The internet is new in that it allows the shouting of an alarm in virtually
all theaters in all time zones from
any timezone.

In the US constitutional rights do carry responsibility and that is often
ignored, unstated unconsidered.
SInce the internet has international reach how does the constitution

SUMMARY: any law or tech solution needs to address the lack of overarching
international law.
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