[Cryptography] Nervous Nellies want to gut the First Amendment

Patrick patrick at rayservers.net
Mon Dec 28 18:43:01 EST 2015

Henry Baker wrote on 12/27/2015 10:51 AM:

> FYI -- [I realize that this article isn't about encryption, per se,
> but you know that encryption is the next shoe to drop.]

Posner seems determined to make ISIS fans use TOR.

> His law would make it illegal to go onto websites that glorify the
> Islamic State or support recruitment of new followers, or to
> distribute links to such sites.  ... prison ...

In this case Posner aims to regulate not speech, but thought itself.

I think visiting those web sites is the best way to learn how the
enemy thinks and what they are planning.  May they blog and tweet
copiously and without caution.

-- Patrick

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