[Cryptography] Craig Wright

Phillip Hallam-Baker phill at hallambaker.com
Thu Feb 3 11:11:32 EST 2022

I had heard about the first case Donald Brought up. All I can say is that
it is proving Craig Wright is a skilled social engineer and the journalists
are utter fools.

The case did not establish Wright was the inventor of BitCoin, Wright was
ordered to pay $100 million. So a huge loss for Wright and no win.

The second lawsuit is just bizarre. I really wish it was true that Wright
was Satoshi because that would be the end of the stinking pile of puss that
BitCoin has become. The original BitCoin manifesto was an infantile promise
to replace governments are regulators of commerce. Now Wright goes running
to a court. So Web3 is decentralized and unregulated when they want it to
be and governed by courts and law when they don't.

OK so Wright wins and the court orders the developers to fork BTC to give
him a bunch of coins he obviously has no rights to. Nobody is going to
recognize that fork. So how is that 'winning'?

We already know who the inventor of BitCoin is because Hal Finney published
a white paper describing the scheme two years before 'Satoshi' appeared.
That was before his diagnosis when Finney had no reason to launch his
scheme before the Haber-Stornetta patent expired. I find it really unlikely
that Finney would have hailed Satoshi as the inventor of BitCoin as he did
unless Satoshi was actually Finney.

We seem to finally be on the down slope of the Gartner hype curve on
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