[Cryptography] Scaling crypto currency

Mo Balaa buddybalaa at gmail.com
Sat Feb 27 23:03:11 EST 2021

> The limit on scalability turns out not to be disk storage, but
> consensus bandwidth, transactions per second, the anti privacy
> currency ADA being the king of consensus bandwidth, which now
> that consensus bandwidth limits are biting all the leaders,
> is likely to give it a big leg up against Ether and Bitcoin.

This is a very shilly and is not entirely accurate, DYOR, but “consensus bandwidth“ is not the primary limiting factor in blockchain scalability, my understanding is that it pales in comparison to the synchronous VM state transition processing which is actually disk throughput bound; someone more enlightened please correct me if I’m mistaken. 

ADA is not the king of anything except uninformed skills boasting about its academic peer reviewed origins. 

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