[Cryptography] Scaling crypto currency

jrzx jrzx at protonmail.ch
Sat Feb 27 01:44:31 EST 2021

> > Preventing blockchain analysis is a hard problem,
> > and any solution (Monaro, Mimblewimble) greatly worsens
> > the scaling problems, which problems are already biting
> > hard.

On Friday, February 26, 2021 9:50 AM, John Tromp <john.tromp at gmail.com> wrote:
> Monero worsens scalability, but Mimblewimble improves it,
> since all spent outputs can be forgotten. An Initial Block
> Download only needs a small ~100 byte transaction kernel for
> each transaction.

The limit on scalability turns out not to be disk storage, but
consensus bandwidth, transactions per second, the anti privacy
currency ADA being the king of consensus bandwidth, which now
that consensus bandwidth limits are biting all the leaders,
is likely to give it a big leg up against Ether and Bitcoin.

What is holding Grin and the other Mimblewimble currencies back?  It would be great if they replaced Monaro.

ADA is fourth in size and volume, Grin, the mimblewimble
currency, five hundredth, well behind Monaro, even though it is
technologically superior to Monaro.

Hedera has better consensus bandwidth than ADA, being a
blockdag currency, but as yet, going nowhere fast, despite
technology that is in principle superior to ADA, it needs lots
of features that are not being implemented yet.

It would be great to have a mimblewimble based crypto currency
on the blockdag, though blockdag technology is advancing so
rapidly that blockdag based coins are apt to be premature.  We
are only now coming to understand that not only is consensus a
hard problem, consensus bandwidth is also a hard problem.

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