[Cryptography] CMS or S/MIME test vectors

Dmitry Baryshkov dbaryshkov at gmail.com
Tue May 26 15:55:34 EDT 2020


пн, 25 мая 2020 г. в 09:20, Werner Koch <wk at gnupg.org>:
> But that reminds me that I am looking for CMS samples using X25519 et
> al. (RFC-8410)?  OpenSSL seems not to be able to create such messages.
> Before I go ahead and implement from the specs, I would very much like
> to see and test against samples.

GnuTLS supports using Ed25519 in CMS files, but it also not verified
against any other known source

I've asked on curdle and lamps MLs. Let's see how they respond.

> Samples of enveloped data using GCM (RFC-5084) would also be of
> interest, given that Outlook will eventually support this.
With best wishes

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