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> On 11/4/2019 5:58 PM, Jon Callas wrote:
> > It's certainly possible to take that basic format and further make it
> easier. As an obvious example, you typed "Correct Horse Battery Staple" and
> it's obvious that "correct horse battery staple" is also valid.


> Pushing your luck, are you? Matching a list of 32K words in different
> languages is going to be fraught with synonyms, homonyms and the like.
> Just to take your example, "batterie" in French is a rechargeable
> battery, while the Duracell battery is "une pile" -- which is also a
> pile. And then, I am not sure that there are 32K commonly used words in
> French, which might introduce interesting issues.

More than pushing your luck.  Take a phrase and submit it
to any online translator.  And see if the reverse translation matches.
Not just make sense... it must match.

Translate English to German on one translator then back, thus:
Correct Horse Battery Staple --> Korrigieren Sie die Batterieheftklammer
des Pferdes
Korrigieren Sie die Batterieheftklammer des Pferdes --> Correct the battery
tack of the horse
Now try another service...

BTW: That was google..
To work full circle multiple language translation must be precise and
 English --> German --> French --> Russian --> Greek --> English.

Translations and languages evolve so a full circle success would be
Languages are not word for word equivalents phrases and context are
Gender of the speaker will also change the vocabulary and meaning.

Then I noticed a caution when reinstalling Windows10.
They caution that if the system keyboard language changes decryption is
not possible.  They could be encrypting with key codes not an alphabet, but
it doesn't matter if you cannot enter the correct key.  All keyboards are
not the
same. Built in keyboard, screen, bluetooth keyboard can expose or hide keys
characters.  Here, optionally I can type ®¥π with a mouse access to a
virtual keyboard.
but that is system specific.  BTW: Simple decoration is one way to improve
a password.

So yes if the keyboard and language is fixed this is an interesting trick.

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