[Cryptography] Insecure Chip 'n' PIN starts tomorrow

Henry Baker hbaker1 at pipeline.com
Wed Sep 30 10:38:24 EDT 2015

FYI -- More like Bait 'n' Switch...  This isn't about fraud at all, but about shifting liability away from the banks.


“Chip and PIN has been proven to combat fraud dramatically,” says Brian Dodge, executive vice president of the Retail Industry Leaders Association.  “But that’s not what American consumers are getting, and thus far banks have gone to great lengths to blur the lines between the two distinctly different transactions.” 

“[The American banks are] more interested in protecting themselves than they are in helping the retailers out.”

'Visa and MasterCard could have resolved this problem by forcing card issuers to use chip ‘n’ PIN only; but they never did.'

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