[Cryptography] The default password of '1234'

Paul Madore henrypaulmadore at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 17:41:49 EDT 2015

ianG wrote:
> I've been calling that click-thru syndrome since forever. > <snip> > Which is why I started promoting HTTPS Everywhere in 2005.
Do you mean even on pages that require no authentication, such as a
strictly HTML page? If so, is that because the server operator then has
to have a certificate? But at the same time, those certificates can be
falsified, so it kind of defeats the purpose to put it "everywhere."

If all one is doing is display text and images, and the user is able to
disable any scripts and ads (they are), is HTTPS everywhere really a
reasonable thing to expect?

Curious to hear your expanded perspective.


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