[Cryptography] Comey: targeted ads => plaintext access

Florian Weimer fw at deneb.enyo.de
Sat Sep 19 16:32:10 EDT 2015

* Henry Baker:

> FYI -- Leaving aside Constitutional & political considerations, &
> focusing purely on technical issues, doesn't the FBI's Comey have a
> point?  If an email provider can target ads based upon keywords in the
> plaintext of your emails, why can't the FBI have access to the same
> plaintext?

Or access to the ads.

| "Sir, calm down, please. No, I'm not looking at your searches," the
| man said in a mocking whine. "That would be unconstitutional. We see
| only the ads that show up when you read your mail and do your
| searching. I have a brochure explaining it. I'll give it to you when
| we're through here."


This was written in 2007, I think.

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