[Cryptography] Python Rumpelstiltskin-tree library + demo tool

Rob Meijer pibara at gmail.com
Sat Sep 19 03:58:18 EDT 2015

Just created a Python (3) port of RumpelTree++
​ that I thought some of you might be interested in.​


Its a simple abstraction for facilitating the creation of Decomposable and
attenuatable sparse
designated  Rumpelstiltskin DAG
serialization based structures.

I've included a demo tool to play around with if you happen to use Linux or
some other Unix like OS. The tool lets you create a (or more if you like)
directory root node from a password. You can than create named sub
directory nodes under that root node or content nodes. The fun thing is
that each node comes with 3 ways to designate it:

* Through a combination of a parent node designation and its name
* Through a sparse capability
* Through an other sparse capability granting only read only access.
  second as encryption key.

All nodes are serialized to disk with AES using the second sparse
capability doubling as key and using a storage location derived from the
second sparse capability.

The tool is just a demonstrator , as real usage requires some kind of
server/client setup (or file-system/ user-process setup) where the server
can keep a key used for decomposition secret from the client
​, requires decent support for large data entities and requires race
condition protection to avoid messing up shared directory structures. The
tool however should give a nice idea of what the abstraction library can be
used for.​

I would be very much interested in any input I can get on this. I'm neither
a crypto expert nor a python expert, so I may be overlooking essential
things or making some blunders here. So please people, let me know ​what
you think and/or what I could improve.

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