[Cryptography] WashPo: Leaked NSC Memo on Encryption

Henry Baker hbaker1 at pipeline.com
Fri Sep 18 10:43:37 EDT 2015

At 03:18 PM 9/17/2015, Ryan Carboni wrote:
>Could also be a word doc using Courier New. Bullet points on typewriters are usually dashes not dots, to save circumference area for the daisywheel.

I purposely changed the bullets into "Z" myself in order to not screw up ascii formatting.

The original pdf file looks pretty crufty, which is why I assumed that it was typed on a manual typewriter (or perhaps an IBM golfball electric).

The document also may have been purposely put through N generations of xeroxing, to try to remove information about which printer it was printed on.

The added "cruft" is a crypto signature added to *every* NSC document in order to nail any unauthorized leaker.

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