[Cryptography] Introducing the phone-directory certificate

Cat Okita cat at reptiles.org
Thu Sep 3 12:56:17 EDT 2015

On Thu, 3 Sep 2015, Viktor Dukhovni wrote:
> For "www.google.com", here in the US, I get just "www.google.com"
> as a SAN, but for "google.com" the list has "just" 50 entries,
> which is a great deal shorter than your impressive 502!  What
> transport address and SNI hint (if any) got you the phone directory?

Interesting.  It seems to vary across different geographies, since some of
them use wildcard certs, and some don't:

 	www.google.ca uses *.google.com
 	www.google.co.uk uses www.google.co.uk
 	www.google.de uses www.google.de
 	www.google.in uses *.google.com

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