[Cryptography] Drop Zone: P2P E-commerce paper

Lodewijk andré de la porte l at odewijk.nl
Thu Mar 26 12:20:37 EDT 2015

This project will:

 * use the testnet which is not recommendable at all. If you want security
you need something else, if you just want communication -- why clutter the
 * in an unintended manner, and purely for communication. Existing
swarm/mesh networks already solve this problem. Freenet solves this
problem. I2P solves this problem. This is not an efficient or elegant way
to approach this problem.
 * utilizes a form of central bookkeeping that deters, not promotes, the
privacy goals of this project (aka the blockchain)
 * painfully -- does not even claim to solve the reputation problem in a
meaningful way (I don't blame you - identity online requires a trust-mesh
which there just isn't atm (SSL certificates are the closest thing...))

And ultimately:

 * does not beat OpenBazaar, existing multi-sig darknetmarkets or
Bitshops.net (disclaimer: mine) in terms of privacy, security or
convenience. (note: darknetmarkets are worse than Bitshops.net but don't
tell anyone -- OpenBazaar is harder to validate because of nontrivial
distributed-network-thingies but could (eventually?) be better than

I do not see how it is worthy of futher consideration, let alone
implementation. I might be wrong and if so please correct me.

I'm sorry for the harsh tone in this e-mail. There's no animosity, I
promise you. I just don't sweeten my words when it's about technical
topics. Ideas like this can stir the pot at times.
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