[Cryptography] Drop Zone: P2P E-commerce paper

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Thu Mar 26 15:00:28 EDT 2015

Testnet is an agnostic platform for the purpose of persisting messages
without value. Though it's arguable that some Drop Zone messages have
value to the sender and receiver, they do not have value to others and
persistence is not required. Further, it is merely the intent of testnet
that the network be used for staging code without the risk of losing
value. Using testnet for communications is a cheap, anonymous mechanism to
communicate. It is particularly efficient for mobile clients which do not
maintain an open channel with minimal overhead.

There is absolutely no system in place to solve this problem. If there
were, centralized contraband markets disappearing with user's funds would
not be a concern. Additionally, all of your cited protocols only exist
online. This solution would be intended for use in low-latency offline
transactions within a short radius from a user's geographic location.

Bitcoin is an agnostic technology. The Blockchain exists to
disintermediate the goals of all parties involved when passing messages
and value. Privacy is a feature that participants can opt into or out of.
This solution is designed to remove a seller's risk. In such transactions,
buyers take on no more risk than usual.

Reputation elements are represented in their discrete units. Reputation
should be implemented on top of this platform. The proposal suggests a
reliable, albeit primitive, reputation systems. It can be expected that a
once the discreet elements are in place, a more robust reputation system
could be developed.

Open Bazaar is not yet a working project, and may never work. Open Bazaar
is neither based on blockchain technology, nor built on The Blockchain. It
provides no protections from the risk of expressing messages on the Open
Bazaar network. Further, pseudonymity and seller risk is not a goal of the
project in the case that it does get built to its specifications. Open
Bazaar, while interesting in its scope, is not a solution to decentralized
markets. It is the expressed goals of the Open Bazaar project that no
functionality should be designed to reduce the risk of buyers and sellers
who deal in contraband

The simplest reason this paper is worth full consideration, is that it's a
comparatively simple solution that provides functionality that can be
implemented in all Bitcoin mobile wallets in very little time. Further,
presuming there is not an application that allows successful delivery of
contraband to your approximate coordinates, without risk to the delivery
agent, then this proposal represents a substantial breakthrough in

No apologizes for tone are necessary.

None was detected, and harshness is not inappropriate in any case.

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