[Cryptography] Cheap forensic recorder

Emin Gün Sirer el33th4x0r at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 22:59:49 EST 2015

> 1) We make the hardware and seal it in some sort of tamper evident resin.

You can buy that today. Here's the specs for that chip seated in resin:

2) We set up a notary log infrastructure. Let N(t) be the output at time t.

Someone did that, too. That someone is me:

> 3) To notarize a document we first encrypt under key N(t) thus creating a
> document that nobody could predict how to decrypt when the device was made.

There are better ways, but this is fine.

4) We calculate hash values etc. over the encrypted data.


> 5) We have two devices. The first takes the SD card and produces an
> encrypted image. This is then transferred to the second that calculates the
> hash value.

A TPM is a single device that can do both of these activities.

> 6) We then use the decrypted image as the master????

I guess one of your goals is to make sure to not read up on the state of
the art. This has been a very amusing thread. Best of luck with your
- egs
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