[Cryptography] Is ECC suspicious?

Dirk-Willem van Gulik dirkx at webweaving.org
Fri Sep 6 03:29:33 EDT 2013

Op 6 sep. 2013, om 01:09 heeft "Perry E. Metzger" <perry at piermont.com> het volgende geschreven:

> http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/sep/05/nsa-how-to-remain-secure-surveillance
> The Suite B curves were picked some time ago. Maybe they have problems.
> Now, this certainly was a problem for the random number generator
> standard, but is it an actual worry in other contexts? I tend not to
> believe that but I'm curious about opinions.

Given the use, including that of the wider security/intelligence community, I'd expect any issues to be more with very specific curves (either tweaked to be that way; or through soft means promoted/pushed/suggested those who by happenstance have an issue) that with the ECC as an algorithm/technology class. As anything deeper than a curve would assume very aligned/top-down control and little political entropy. Not something which 'just the' signal intelligence community could easily enforce on the other cats.


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