[Cryptography] FIPS, NIST and ITAR questions

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Tue Sep 3 15:26:31 EDT 2013

Fare wrote:
>Or once again, maybe a general problem solver given the specification
>of some cryptographic function satisfying some properties could
>automatically find a robust enough algorithm, and then it's impossible
>to either restrict its export or patent. Now, if each time your solver
>is itself run with a different PRNG and seed, it needs to send a copy
>of its output to the NSA, things become "interesting".

My document archive digging turned up the notification threshold. It only required for initial publication on the 'Net for Open Source if the download URL(s) remain the same. Change 'em and your supposed to send an update. Use a symlink to the current version and its not needed. <Sigh>

-David Mercer

David Mercer
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