Request for Input (RFI)--National Cyber Leap Year

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Request for Input (RFI)--National Cyber Leap Year

AGENCY: The National Coordination Office (NCO) for Networking 
Information Technology Research and Development (NITRD).

ACTION: Request for Input (RFI).


DATES: To be considered, submissions must be received by December 15, 

SUMMARY: This request is being issued to initiate the National Cyber 
Leap Year under the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative 
(CNCI). The goal of the National Cyber Leap Year is to identify the 
most promising game-changing ideas with the potential to reduce 
vulnerabilities to cyber exploitations by altering the cybersecurity 
landscape. This RFI is the first step in constructing a national 
research and development agenda in support of the CNCI. 
Multidisciplinary contributions from organizations with cybersecurity 
interests are especially encouraged.

Cheers - Bill

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