Financial identity is *dangerous*? (was re: Fake companies, real money)

Ian Grigg iang at
Thu Oct 21 12:20:24 EDT 2004

James A. Donald wrote:

>>we already have the answer, and have had it for a decade: 
>>store it on a trusted machine.  Just say no to Windows XP. 
>>It's easy, especially when he's storing a bearer bond worth a 
> What machine, attached to a network, using a web browser, and 
> sending and receiving mail, would you trust? 

None.  But a machine that had one purpose in life:
to manage the bearer bond, that could be trusted
to a reasonable degree.  The trick is to stop
thinking of the machine as a general purpose
computer and think of it as a platform for one
single application.  Then secure that machine/OS/
stack/application combination.

Oh, and make it small enough to fit in the pocket,
put a display *and* a keypad on it, and tell the
user not to lose it.


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