Financial identity is *dangerous*? (was re: Fake companies, real money)

James A. Donald jamesd at
Wed Oct 20 14:30:10 EDT 2004

On 19 Oct 2004 at 21:30, Ian Grigg wrote:
> (In fact, one seems to have failed in the last few days - 
> EvoCash -  and another is on the watch list for failure - 
> DMT/Alta.  Both of them suffered from business style attacks 
> it seemed, rather than what we would call security hacks.)

To clarify, EvoCash was subjected to DDoS attacks, and 
persistent attack upon its reputation, both of these seemingly 
originating from the operator of a ponzi scheme, presumably for 
the purposes of extortion.

> we already have the answer, and have had it for a decade: 
> store it on a trusted machine.  Just say no to Windows XP. 
> It's easy, especially when he's storing a bearer bond worth a 
> car.

What machine, attached to a network, using a web browser, and 
sending and receiving mail, would you trust? 

         James A. Donald

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