[Cryptography] "Flip Feng Shui: Hammering a Needle in the Software Stack"

mok-kong shen mok-kong.shen at t-online.de
Mon Sep 5 16:06:11 EDT 2016

Am 04.09.2016 um 10:11 schrieb Philipp G├╝hring:

> For Non-Error correction codes, we have simple CRC Checksums (which are
> not cryptographically strong) and we have hashes (which are
> cryptographically strong).
> For Error correction codes, we have ECC/FEC (which is not
> cryptographically strong as far as I remembere), but I don't remember
> having seen any cryptographically strong algorithm.
> I guess that there are modes that combine both cryptographical hashes and
> ECC, but are they secure? (Think about Encrypt-then-sign vs.
> Sign-then-Encrypt and similar issues which can have non-obvious issues)

As layman I happen to know that there is a field in wireless
communications named "physical layer security" which attempts with,
among other means, certain ECCs to achieve information theoretic
security. Could the works there eventually be relevant in the present

M. K. Shen

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