[Cryptography] "Flip Feng Shui: Hammering a Needle in the Software Stack"

Philipp G├╝hring pg at futureware.at
Sun Sep 4 04:11:33 EDT 2016


> While I'm asking questions, I'll echo Jerry in asking about ECC 
> key vulnerability?

Yes, that's what I was thinking about too in the past few days.

Do we have a cryptographically strong ECC algorithm?

For Non-Error correction codes, we have simple CRC Checksums (which are
not cryptographically strong) and we have hashes (which are
cryptographically strong).
For Error correction codes, we have ECC/FEC (which is not
cryptographically strong as far as I remembere), but I don't remember
having seen any cryptographically strong algorithm.

I guess that there are modes that combine both cryptographical hashes and
ECC, but are they secure? (Think about Encrypt-then-sign vs.
Sign-then-Encrypt and similar issues which can have non-obvious issues)

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