[Cryptography] phantom 3g service?

Kent Borg kentborg at borg.org
Mon Oct 17 11:05:18 EDT 2022

On 10/16/22 19:59, Peter Gutmann wrote:
> Another possibility for phantom 3G signals is one of a near-infinite number of
> garbage devices sold as "cellular repeaters" and "cellphone boosters"

I think those things were all dumb analogue circuits. There would have 
to be a 3G cell for it to repeat for you to receive 3G signal.

The microcell idea makes sense, except those were supplied by the cell 
companies and they would have very good reason to NOT have them designed 
to stay up as zombies. And, they were very low power.

The Treasure Island site makes the best sense of what I have heard. 
Depending on what obstacles are between you and it, 18-miles itself is 
no problem at all.

Way back when, the Australians had a trick to make GSM signals go much 
farther. The problem wasn't signal strength over the long distance, the 
limitation was speed of light. A distant phone could get a signal back 
to the very high, rural cell tower, but not within that phone's 
time-slice, so the cell site would look in later time-slices, too. If 
the site wasn't heavily loaded (we are talking very rural, so frequently 
not) they would stretch the GSM standard, and run the call.


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