[Cryptography] phantom 3g service?

Peter Gutmann pgut001 at cs.auckland.ac.nz
Sun Oct 16 22:59:12 EDT 2022

Jon Callas <jon at callas.org> writes:

>On the customer pages, they're showing a customer what sort of service they
>can expect if they subscribe, and that's not 3G. They're shutting it down.
>They're going to tell you they don't have 3G because they don't want to sell
>it to you.

Another possibility for phantom 3G signals is one of a near-infinite number of
garbage devices sold as "cellular repeaters" and "cellphone boosters" and
similar, sourced from a variety of dubious vendors in the Middle Kingdom.
They're a step above the self-adhesive ones you apply to the back of your
phone in that they're actually active circuits, but not by much.


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