[Cryptography] Helping us in a study on users' perceived privacy in blockchain

Simin Ghesmati SGhesmati at sba-research.org
Sat Oct 30 17:52:14 EDT 2021

We are researchers from SBA Research (Vienna, Austria) investigating users' perceived privacy in blockchain with an online questionnaire. This research is conducted in the context of an academic survey to understand the different aspects and behaviors of cryptocurrency users. If you have the following requirements please complete the questionnaire below:
- Little to basic knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrencies;
- Preferably used a crypto wallet and performed crypto transactions in the past.


The survey takes nearly 10-20 minutes, and responses are anonymous. 20 x $10 will be distributed among the winners.
We would really appreciate your participation if you fill out the questionnaire before November 5, 2021.

Best regards,
Simin Ghesmati

Simin Ghesmati
PhD candidate / Blockchain Privacy Researcher
SBA Research

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