[Cryptography] Applying the Mesh to do SSH really right

Christian Huitema huitema at huitema.net
Wed Oct 27 14:41:28 EDT 2021

On 10/26/2021 6:15 PM, Howard Chu wrote:

>> LDAP was a less bad version of X.500 (mostly) developed by Netscape in the 1990s. I am very familiar with it.
> You're very familiar with it you say, but no, it was developed mostly at University of Michigan. By 4 of my colleagues
> there in fact. They only went on to be hired by Netscape after they had already developed a working implementation.

Many LDAP concepts were initially developed by Steve Kille at UCL under 
the name "Quipu" in the early 90's, as part of a European research 
project. The goal of the project was to develop implementations of X.400 
and X.500, but the researchers went on developing gateways between X.400 
and Internet mail, and TCP-IP based alternatives to the X.500 directory 
protocols. Steve went on to found the ISODE consortium for supporting 
these products. There were parallel efforts by Marshall Rose at 
Performance Systems International (RFC 1202) and by Tim Howes et al. at 
University of Michigan (RFC 1249). The initial draft for LDAP was 
submitted in 1992, and published as RFC 1487 in 1993, authored by 
Wengyik Yeong at Performance Systems International, Tim Howes at 
University of Michigan, and Steve Kille at ISODE.

-- Christian Huitema
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