[Cryptography] New way to produce random bits much faster

Kent Borg kentborg at borg.org
Fri Feb 26 11:47:45 EST 2021

On 2/25/21 6:18 PM, Grant Schultz wrote:
> Sounds like it needs more and more thorough testing, but they claim it 
> can produce 250TB/second.
> https://phys.org/news/2021-02-scientists-laser-random-ultrafast.html

Can't tell whether the phys.org story was written by a human or a 
machine*, but whoever wrote it didn't understand the material s/he or it 
was writing about.

I'm sure I don't know enough about laser stuff, but from what I do know, 
this could be pure snake oil.


* Too many grammatical errors to be a machine?

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