[Cryptography] Secret sharing for family members

Francis Pouatcha Francis.Pouatcha at adorsys.com
Tue Oct 20 12:39:27 EDT 2020

Confidentiality - can anyone read the data before they should?

Integrity - can the data be modified without detection?

Availability - could we lose the data?

I wouldn't rely on any kind of solid enough cryptographic algorithm or durable enough storage. Time is the enemy of all these properties. Adequate solution needs a procedure with a lot of rotation of everything, starting with the secret itself, crypto keys, storage, data, trusted  people, transparency logs.


Elaborate treatment of Shamir secrets deleted.

So what happened to the distribution of separate pieces of a Benjamin (or some pieces of a dissected puzzle) that it takes a minimum of m of n people to show their parts and confirm that they fit together?  Someone trusted has to hold the treasure, unless there is a very fancy lock 😊.  Aren’t we over-thinking this problem?

A Benjamin Secret shall be

  *   either under the control of his delegated custodian (Attorney, Notary).
  *   or materializable by another quorum (loop). If there are 5 siblings, the Bejamin part could be reshared to a (4,3 secret sharing scheme)
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