[Cryptography] Secret sharing for family members

Phillip Hallam-Baker phill at hallambaker.com
Thu Oct 15 20:45:52 EDT 2020

OK so one thing you might want to use here is Shamir Secret Sharing. I have
a spec for that:

So what I would probably do is to create a Mesh account @phb-estate and
make sure that is on the recipients list for any data I want my heirs to
inherit. Then create a recovery key set for the secret seed for that
account. The heirs can now decrypt any of the data.

The crypto is the easy part. Easy peasy. Have had that specified for over
18 months and running.

The hard part is making it easy for people to use it. That is where the
Mesh Groups come in. I can create a group @phb-legacies and add @phb-estate
to that group. So I only need to be thinking about encrypting to one
recipient. I don't need to encrypt to @phb and @phb-estate separately.
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