[Cryptography] The Samsung global Blu-Ray meltdown

Tony Patti crypto at glassblower.info
Sun Jun 28 15:36:15 EDT 2020

>  Peter Gutmann wrote on Friday, June 26, 2020 10:11 PM
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> Subject: [Cryptography] The Samsung global Blu-Ray meltdown
> Not sure if others have been following this, but since 18 June all Samsung
Blu-ray players globally have been stuck in a reboot loop with a period of
about five seconds, 
> barring a very small number that have never been connected to the Internet
or had firmware updates.  
> The only way to fix it is to send it back to Samsung for a replacement,
presumably for a reflash, with no-one yet able to figure out what's causing

I was surprised to read this, since I watched a movie last night on my
Samsung Blu-ray player.
I suspect "all but" is not very accurate, but *some* or *many* would be a
more accurate statement?

And looks like the lawyers are already lining up about this failure (which
lists three specific model numbers: BD-JM57C, BD-J5900, and HT-J5500W): 

I wonder if this will hasten Samsung quit making new Blu-ray players

Tony Patti
crypto at glassblower.info

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