[Cryptography] Crptographic ticket tape (fake news)

Danny Muizebelt dannym at packetloss.at
Mon Jun 3 07:22:47 EDT 2019

In securing original footage from tampering would a ticker tape in the
background be viable? The tape would be timestamps encrypted with the
producer's private key.

A local video player could decrypt it and raise an alarm if there are
inconsistencies in the timestamp flow.

Would the ticker tape bandwidth be enough to have large enough keys? As an
alternative you could also have 2d transparent barcodes, they would
probably have more bandwidth and get the player in sync faster.

The advantage of the tickertape is that a human could see the cryptographic
flow and see interruptions and speed changes even when not decrpyting. If
you would do the same but by means of invisible watermarking the only
confirmation you have is that the material is encrypted by a "trustworthy"

(In case somebody forgot what a ticker tape looked like:

Just a thought how to use encryption against doctored videos.

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