[Cryptography] Well, that only took ten years

Stephen Farrell stephen.farrell at cs.tcd.ie
Wed Aug 14 19:03:21 EDT 2019


I concur that EV was muck, but...

On 14/08/2019 08:13, Peter Gutmann wrote:
> In any case it'll be interesting to see what the next deckchair-rearrangement
> in browser PKI will be.  

Not quite a deckchair re-arrangement, but I'd love to
see an 2nd independent instance of what LE do, capable
of handling about 10% of the same volume, and of ramping
up, just in case.

Hundreds of CAs was wrong. Approximately one sensible
CA also seems wrong to me.

> Whatever it is, I'd like to take this opportunity to
> predict in advance that it'll have no effect.

If we did have an LE-alternate that had no effect (at
the moment) that'd be just fine:-)

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