[Cryptography] How to convince web site to use HTTPS ?

Ron Garret ron at flownet.com
Fri Aug 2 18:21:17 EDT 2019

On Aug 2, 2019, at 7:12 AM, Henry Baker <hbaker1 at pipeline.com> wrote:

> Hi:
> A small organization that I work with (so far) refuses to
> move to HTTPS, even though they require a *login* to use
> their site.
> I'm trying to be diplomatic as possible, but I'd like to
> convince them as simply and easily as possible.
> Does anyone here have any ideas?

Obviously: set up a wifi hotspot with a MITM and demonstrate to them how easy it is to intercept login credentials.  Start your patter with, “Imagine you’re in an airport or a hotel…"


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