[Cryptography] Elixxir

John Levine johnl at iecc.com
Sun Sep 23 22:14:14 EDT 2018

In article <d94ca16f-a556-f20e-4f68-2dc46307b236 at echeque.com> you write:
>Chaum is doing his own blockchain company:  Elixxir
>Supposedly it will make everything wonderful, but how it is going to 
>make everything wonderful is not altogether clear to me.  Does he 
>actually explain the proposed technology in detail anywhere?

There's a 20 page white paper on their web site:


My crypto fu isn't good enough to know if there are glaring holes in
the design.  Since it's Chaum I presume he knows what he's doing, but
there's a fair amount of hand waving in the white paper.

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