[Cryptography] Elixxir

jamesd at echeque.com jamesd at echeque.com
Sun Sep 23 06:04:02 EDT 2018

Chaum is doing his own blockchain company:  Elixxir

Supposedly it will make everything wonderful, but how it is going to 
make everything wonderful is not altogether clear to me.  Does he 
actually explain the proposed technology in detail anywhere?

Many of the things he hopes to achieve seem like they will require some 
substantial centralization, which worsens the problem of state and quasi 
state threats against a crypto currency.  Not clear to me how he 
proposes to avoid centralization or address or mitigate the problems and 
dangers of centralization.  Does he discuss the problem of the state or 
the risks of centralization anywhere?

It is likely that to scale up crypto currency transaction volumes, and 
get reasonable settlement times, we are going to have to have some 
centralization.  The trick is going to be to have some centralization 
without recapitulating the the steps that got us to state issued central 
currencies, to centralize clearing without centralizing power over clearing.

Bitcoin has solved its transaction volume crisis, but is drifting 
towards state control.  Brave's attention tokens comply with the know 
your customer act, which means that they just recapitulate the quasi 
state internet of twitter, google, and facebook.  To avoid the quasi 
state internet, need a payment system for internet attention that defies 
Know Your Customer

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