[Cryptography] Massive CIA communications compromise starting in 2008

Bill Frantz frantz at pwpconsult.com
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On 11/7/18 at 7:47 AM, ji at tla.org (John Ioannidis) wrote:

>The other side was just as stubborn. Dönitz was convinced the allies had
>cracked Enigma, but the rest of the brass refused to believe that their
>technology was vulnerable (part of the vulnerability was, of course, bad
>opsec, as everyone in this list already knows).

I sometimes get into arguments with people when I say that the 
fact that newspaper cryptograms never have a cypher text letter 
map to itself as a plain text letter makes the cryptogram easier 
to solve. I now mention that an important part of the breaking 
of Enigma was when key searching in Bombe was to check if a 
letter mapped to itself. Since the Enigma hardware could not map 
a letter to itself, any test decode where this happened was incorrect.

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