[Cryptography] Data Protection Against Quantum Computing Brute Force via Device ID

Memory Vandal memvandal at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 01:45:54 EDT 2018

Hi Govind,

Your paper is not clearly describing the Device ID technology that you

>From what it looks from the description, the Device ID is used only for
authentication and its not really used to encrypt the actual data. This is
considering the fact the Device ID is getting added to the digital
certificate and can be read by anyone since its in plain text.

You seem to make assumption that an adversary who has access to quantum
computing will use only the official software application (e.g. text editor
with embedded support for Device ID) and that the software will deny access
to data even with correct private key that has been cracked.

Have you considered that the adversary will use its own code to crack the
keys and also to decrypt the data and totally ignore the Device ID?


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