[Cryptography] Data Protection Against Quantum Computing Brute Force via Device ID

Govind Yadav yadavgovind at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 3 06:02:07 EDT 2018

Hello All,


I just registered at 'Cryptography' and wanted to share a new technique that we have invented regarding protection against threats of Quantum Computing Brute Force, Malware, Phishing & Insider Fraud via Device Identification.

Since attachments are not allowed, here is dropbox link to the technical paper https://www.dropbox.com/s/i6zenv7vgoihj23/Data%20Protection%20Against%20Quantum%20Computing%20Brute%20Force%2C%20Malware%2C%20Phishing%20%26%20Insider%20Fraud%20via%20Device%20Identification%20v1.2_S.pdf?dl=0.

Please do let me know your thoughts, feed back and most important if you can punch some holes in the technique :)


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