[Cryptography] "Most Americans Don't Mind Being on Candid Camera"

Ray Dillinger bear at sonic.net
Wed Mar 25 00:13:15 EDT 2015

 On 24/03/2015 04:35 am, Barney Wolff wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 23, 2015 at 07:34:08PM +0000, ianG wrote:
>> Spying on everyone is fine - for national security.  But there is a
>> long-standing taboo between mixing national / military affairs with
>> domestic / criminal affairs.

> The problem arises when money paid for drugs, for example, or kiddie
> porn,
> finds its way to finance terrorists.  Or when we are told that it does,
> whether or not that is so.  And a sufficiently successful criminal
> enterprise is indeed a national security threat.

I don't make any distinction myself.  Aim a gun at your
ex-wife's head and pull the trigger?  One count of murder.
Aim an airliner with full fuel tanks at the world trade
center and push the throttle forward?  Several thousand
counts of murder.  Plan, fund, and train people to do
several instances of that very act?  Several times several
thousand counts of murder.

Murder isn't political.  It isn't "war" unless it's a
dispute between nations.  Random yahoos with some islamic
jihad, unless they're acting in support of a specific
nation, and on orders from or with the support of a
specific nation, are merely ordinary criminals (albeit
sometimes on a scale that makes Ted Bundy, David Berkowitz,
and Charles Manson look like a bunch of boy scouts) and
should be dealt with as ordinary criminals.


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