[Cryptography] Kali Linux security is a joke!

Rob Meijer pibara at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 03:32:45 EDT 2015

2015-03-23 7:09 GMT+01:00 Danny Mitchell <fishcustard at gmail.com>:

> I find it somewhat curious that so many on this list seem to rely on
> SSL/TLS for security. An article in the German daily Der Speigel from
> 19 December last year
> (
> http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/inside-the-nsa-s-war-on-internet-security-a-1010361.html
> (in English)) quotes NSA documents leaked by Snowden that https
> connections are "anything but secure".
> <quote>
> Even more vulnerable than VPN systems are the supposedly secure
> connections ordinary Internet users must rely on all the time for Web
> applications like financial services, e-commerce or accessing webmail
> accounts. ... The "s" stands for "secure". The problem is that there
> isn't really anything secure about them. The NSA and its allies
> routinely intercept such connections -- by the millions. According to
> an NSA document, the agency intended to crack 10 million intercepted
> https connections a day by late 2012.
> </quote>

​I couldn't agree more. Here is a bit of a rant I wrote a few months back
in response to some
of the undue praise that the 'HTTPS Everywhere' idea was getting:


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