[Cryptography] Kali Linux security is a joke!

Danny Mitchell fishcustard at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 02:09:02 EDT 2015

I find it somewhat curious that so many on this list seem to rely on
SSL/TLS for security. An article in the German daily Der Speigel from
19 December last year
(in English)) quotes NSA documents leaked by Snowden that https
connections are "anything but secure".

Even more vulnerable than VPN systems are the supposedly secure
connections ordinary Internet users must rely on all the time for Web
applications like financial services, e-commerce or accessing webmail
accounts. ... The "s" stands for "secure". The problem is that there
isn't really anything secure about them. The NSA and its allies
routinely intercept such connections -- by the millions. According to
an NSA document, the agency intended to crack 10 million intercepted
https connections a day by late 2012.

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