[Cryptography] Hypothetical WWII cipher machine.

Ryan Carboni ryacko at gmail.com
Sun Jul 19 02:15:07 EDT 2015

A simple improvement upon Enigma: use different sets of rotors for each
service, that way, in the event of a compromise, you still have security by
obscurity. Rear area communications shouldn't be compromised by a division
being overrun. A side benefit is that brute force attacks require several
times as much work.

For low volume and/or high security messages, use a transposition cipher.
The VIC cipher's diffusion properties provided all of it's security, it's
confusion properties were nearly non-existent, depending on linear shift
register for substitution.

Afterall, a transposition cipher is difficult to achieve mechanically, but
can easily be done by hand. Triple substitution is difficult to achieve by
hand, but easy to do mechanically.
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