[Cryptography] Anti-clipper team re-assembles

Richard Outerbridge outer at interlog.com
Wed Jul 8 22:18:55 EDT 2015

> On 2015-07-08 (189), at 14:33:41, alan at clueserver.org wrote:
>> Well, as long as they waste your time in explaining to everyone that
>> government should get out of encryption, instead of you patching problems,
>> I think it will make them happy.
> The problem is trust.
> After the NIST/NSA exposures, the feds have demonstrated that they are not
> to be trusted to build secure systems for anyone but themselves. (And I
> have doubts that they can do that either.)

After Snowden I haven’t bothered to maintain my (ISC2) certification.

They’re still happy to take my money, though.

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