[Cryptography] De-Anonymizing

ianG iang at iang.org
Sat Jan 31 06:39:12 EST 2015

On 30/01/2015 19:44 pm, Jerry Leichter wrote:
> On Jan 30, 2015, at 8:11 AM, dan at geer.org wrote:
>> Whether one or another kind of data can or cannot be anonymized is
>> fast becoming irrelevant.  The more things you are or carry that can
>> be a source of good information, the less the blinding of any one of
>> them diminishes the overall probability that you are identifiable....
> Speaking of which:  http://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2015/01/29/science/ap-us-sci-data-privacy.html?ref=aponline&_r=0&pagewanted=all
> "'Anonymized' Credit Card Data Not So Anonymous, Study Shows"
> Basically - who needs RFID.  Patterns of what you buy and how you buy it will generally make you easily identifiable in the stream of credit card charges.

Right -- pay with a tracking mechanism, get tracked.

I generally pay with cash at the local supermarket.  But I have one of 
those store tracking things that a mate gave to me.  So his purchasing 
pattern is intermingled with mine.  Which is probably not a lot of 
confusion, can be stripped out if it is known.

Perhaps we could do a mix?  If we each meet once a month, and we throw 
our supermarket tracking things into a basket, mix it up, then everyone 
takes a random one.  Next month, remix.

The tracking would be pretty hard.  And, as the reward is on the volume, 
we'd all share in the combined result.  A bit of a disadvantage if I'm 
the biggest payer, but it's a livable compromise.

Tracking mixes might be rendered useless if we end up with no cash 
systems though, as, the payment card could be used to inform the real 
purchasing buyer.


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