[Cryptography] 2008 revision of Bitcoin whitepaper

dj at deadhat.com dj at deadhat.com
Mon Jan 26 14:23:42 EST 2015

> In an unsigned message it is written:
>> On Jan 24, 2015, at 2:48 PM, StealthMonger
>> <StealthMonger at nym.mixmin.net> wrote:
> A writer suggests using the Unix command split for this job.  mixmaster
> also has its own split.  These have technical problems, so the robot
> uses the rfc1521 Message/Partial subtype.  Expect about 30 mails, spread
> over maybe a day.  Requests are served sequentially, so if there are
> several, expect further delay.

I'm up for it. I'm not anonymous, neither is my web site. Send 'em to me
by the split, slow, anonymous path and I'll assemble and host.

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