[Cryptography] 2008 revision of Bitcoin whitepaper

Paul Madore henrypaulmadore at gmail.com
Sun Jan 25 19:45:56 EST 2015

You can use the encrypted file transfer service Mega.co.nz, which you 
can access via Tor, I believe, without any problems. Just make up your 
account details. Then you simply give us a link to download the file. I 
would be interested in tracking the changes between the two documents, 
as well.


On 01/24/2015 04:48 PM, StealthMonger wrote:
> In an unsigned posting, it is written:
>> Does anyone have the original 2008 version of the whitepaper which was
>> posted to this mailing list on Oct 31 2008/Nov 1 2009?  The current
>> version of the whitepaper uploaded on Sourceforge is from 2009-03-24.
>> This is the second version of the whitepaper.  The first version was
>> published on 2008-10-31.  It was uploaded to www.bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf
>> which is where the current version also resides.  Did anyone here
>> happen to download and save it?
> Looks like I have it.  The text contains no version number or date, but
> the local date of the file I have is 2008 Nov 2.
> It's 183697 bytes and doesn't compress very much, so it won't fit in one
> mixmaster mail message.  I'm an untraceable pseudonym.  How could I get
> it to you without becoming traceable?  I have played file split games
> for large files and could look up my notes on how to do that.  Are you
> up for that?
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