[Cryptography] Imitation Game: Can Hollywood be fixed?

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Tue Jan 6 12:29:00 EST 2015

7) the diagonal board idea was Gordon Welchman's not Hugh Alexander's. 

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> Here's a quick start:
> 1) The Bombes were called Bombes. The word "Bombe" is never used throughout the entire movie
> 2) The first Bombe was named Victory, not Christopher. AFAIK Turning never named any machine he developed "Christopher"
> 3) John Cairncross, the soviet spy, was not on Turing's team. He wasn't even in Turing's Hut at Bletchley, and it's unlikely they ever interacted.
> 4) The real Joan Clarke probably knew how to pronounce "Euler" correctly
> 5) Turing was arrested in 1952, not 1951
> 6) The real Turing sounds like he was less of an asshole than Benedict Cumberbatch depicted him to be
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